The best way to guarantee a happy camper is to help them understand what they’re expected to bring, what they should leave at home, and why.

Putting It All Together


We truly appreciate your efforts to help your camper prepare themselves for camp. For your convenience, we’ve assembled a complete packing list.

Download 2023 Packing List

Medication:  On Your Handy Packing List you will find a Medication section. Please review this list and be sure that any medication your camper needs is brought to camp in the manner specified. If your camper’s medical needs change between the time your Registration Packet is submitted and when your camper arrives at camp, please download a new copy of the Eagle Bluff ELC Student Medical Release Form, fill it out and send it along with your camper’s medication(s) for check-in. This is a critical matter — the T.U.N.E. Camp Staff needs your help ensuring your camper’s health and safety.

Electronic Devices:  Electronic devices are not allowed at T.U.N.E. Camp, with the exception of digital cameras and wristwatches. Please leave all other electronic devices at home. If brought to camp, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the last day prior to camp departure. Even our T.U.N.E. Camp volunteer staff is required to follow this rule and do not carry their own personal electronics. In the event of an emergency, key staff members of T.U.N.E Camp MN and Eagle Bluff ELC have communication devices to ensure the safety of everyone at camp.

Cameras:  Campers are encouraged to bring their own cameras (digital or film), excluding cameras on smartphones. Each camper assumes responsibility for the care and safekeeping of any photographic equipment they bring to camp. Be sure to bring extra film, memory cards, batteries or chargers that are required, as those items are not available at the camp facility. Keep in mind that campers will be engaged in a variety of outdoor activities under variable weather conditions. A weatherproof or waterproof camera case is recommended.

Day-pack:  On Your Handy Packing List you will find a Day-pack section. Everything listed under that heading should be packed in your camper’s day-pack before arrival to camp. The day-pack needs to comfortably fit your camper and accommodate all listed items — each camper is expected to carry their day-pack at all times. Having these items at hand is very important for each camper’s comfort and preparedness while enjoying their daily activities across the Eagle Bluff campus and on a couple short trips off campus. Sometimes the planned activities can change without notice, so having quick access to necessities is extremely convenient.

Dormitory:  On Your Handy Packing List you will find a Dormitory section. Everything listed under that heading should be packed in a large duffel, suitcase or roller bag that will hold all the items. Luggage will be carried by your camper from the parking lot to the check-in area, and then on to the dormitory rooms.

Footwear:  In addition to five pairs of socks, a combination of three pairs of footwear is represented on Your Handy Packing List. Proper footwear for outside activities is an often over-looked, but very important part of your camper’s gear. The extent that footwear choices make on a camper’s comfort cannot be over-stated. Though we do spend some time indoors, mostly we will spend a lot of time on our feet, walking and hiking about the fields, forests & waterways. We will encounter rough, dusty, gravelly, wet, & muddy terrain. We will be climbing on rock-walls and high-rope challenge courses. We will be wading shallow water while conducting stream exploration. We want you camper to have fun and be comfortable; having improper footwear can be miserable.

  • Pair 1 — Lightweight, comfortable shoes (tennis, cross-trainer, gum-soled casual) are perfect for indoor activities and evening dormitory time.
  • Pair 2 — Durable shoes or boots with full-foot coverage, good ankle support, & aggressive tread are a must for many of our outdoor activities. These need not be heavy-duty hiking boots with stiff shanks for mountain-climbing, but they do need to be supportive. Water-resistance is a plus. (Please do not send your camper to Camp with brand-new, heavy boots that are not broken-in; a well-used pair of athletic shoes that fit would be a better option in this case.)
  • Pair 3 — Water-shoes or all-terrain sandals (with an ankle strap) for the activities where your camper’s feet will get wet and muddy. An old pair of tennis shoes that can afford to be ruined by water and mud is acceptable, as long as they can be laced tight enough to stay on while wading in the shallows.
  • Optional — House slippers, flip-flops or sandals for dorm room and bath/shower areas.
  • Absolutely no Crocs-types, flip-flops, clogs, or sandals without an ankle strap are allowed for outdoor or water activities at Camp.


Allow plenty of time to travel to camp so your camper arrives for check-in on time. The fun begins immediately after check-in and your camper could miss an exciting activity if they arrive late. T.U.N.E. Camp MN is held at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center near Lanesboro, Minnesota.

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