T.U.N.E. (The Ultimate Nature Experience) aims to encourage and support youth in their endeavor to participate in exciting outdoor activities; learn new outdoor skills; explore fascinating aspects of the natural world; begin to understand the relationships between humans, wildlife, land & water; and establish lifelong appreciation and stewardship of the world they inherit.

Where better to gather, explore and learn than with our host, Eagle Bluff ELC, in beautiful southeastern Minnesota.

A Program Developed by Pheasants Forever

  • Pheasants Forever, Inc (PF), “The Habitat Organization,” was established in 1982
  • The T.U.N.E. program was launched in 2008 as part of PF’s “No Child Left Indoors” youth outreach initiative
  • The T.U.N.E. program is modeled on the writing and teaching of Aldo Leopold (b.1887–d.1948), a pioneering American naturalist and father of modern environmental conservation philosophy
  • T.U.N.E. programs are operated independently by local or regional PF Chapters in the manner that suits their own youth outreach & educational endeavors
  • Without the grass-roots efforts of dedicated volunteers & the support of donors, T.U.N.E. Camps and T.U.N.E. program activities would be cease to be offered

T.U.N.E Camp in the Midwest

  • Minnesota’s  first T.U.N.E. Camp was conducted in 2009
  • Now called T.U.N.E. Camp MN, we’ve grown from a 2-day event for a handful of campers to a 5-day/4-night summer camp program for about 45 campers in 2017
  • Young campers come from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota to enjoy an exciting Camp experience while learning about the natural environment
  • Under the direction of a passionate volunteer, Bruce Gockowski, our Camp program has expanded rapidly since 2013
  • February 2020, Pheasants Forever recognized Bruce Gockowski’s accomplishments for T.U.N.E. Camp MN with the Bill Sandy Making A Difference Award, presented annually to a Pheasants Forever volunteer member in Minnesota who demonstrates uncommon achievements in the name of the organization’s mission
  • T.U.N.E. Camp MN does not receive direct funding from PF’s National Office
  • T.U.N.E. Camp MN relies solely on donor funding and registration & enrollment fees for operational expenses
  • The vast majority of our funding comes from our primary sponsors, individual PF Chapters all across Minnesota

Who Makes it All Happen?

  • T.U.N.E. Camp MN is administered by the Minnesota Lady Slippers, Pheasants Forever Chapter #0772
  • Adult Volunteers organize, direct, and conduct all our Camp activities. They are dedicated outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who want to share their love of the natural world with girls and boys
  • Partners help establish and support our program’s mission and provide an organizational framework within which we operate our Camp
  • Sponsors help reduce the cost of delivering this high-caliber Camp experience with donations of money, goods, or services
  • Contributors are experts or professionals that we engage to conduct special activities or present educational workshops for our campers. Some contributors volunteer their assistance, some are paid for their service
  • Our Host, Eagle Bluff ELC, provides an outstanding facility where we operate our Camp. They have an experienced staff to assist our campers & volunteers and enthusiastic naturalists to conduct challenging activities or present engaging learning experiences for our campers

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