Every year we engage experts and professionals to conduct special activities or present educational workshops for our campers. Some contributors donate their time and expertise, and some are paid for their service. Either way, the experience and knowledge they share brings a level of personal instruction that your camper will truly appreciate.

Contributing Professionals

Laughing Trout Fly Fishing members present a complete beginner fly-tying course; providing the vises, tools, hooks, threads, feathers, hides, & myriad other tying materials that comprise a finished fly. A number of these experienced fly-tiers and fly-fishers volunteer to teach and assist our campers as they tie a few of their own fishing flies. Some of them return to Camp to guide the campers on the water during our fly-fishing outing.

Pollinate Minnesota founder Erin Rupp presents a comprehensive pollinator workshop: providing flower biology educational materials and complete, youth-sized bee suits so our campers can conduct a guided, safe, gloves-on inspection of a living bee colony, or apiary.

Twin Cities Trout Unlimited members come to Camp to present a fly-casting class; certified fly-casting instructors volunteer and lend fly-fishing equipment central to the sport in order to teach our campers the fundamentals of fly casting & fishing knot tying. Some of these men and women also volunteer as Camp Staff and go on to guide our campers on the water during our fly-fishing outing.

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